2nd International Choral Competition

Saturday, November 24th, 2018 in Rijeka, Croatia

Venue: Hrvatski dom kulture - Strossmayerova 1

Organized by
The Croatian Choral Directors Association and The Society I. Ronjgov (Ronjgi)

Application deadline is October 24th 2018

This competition is aimed at youth and adult singing groups and choirs, whichever type or style of music they perform - classical, sacred, folkloristic or popular. The competition is open to all amateur, church and school choirs, folk companies, the singers of which must be over seven years of age.
The competition lasts one day (Saturday), which allows the participants to return home after the manifestation. Choirs looking to spend the night have a wide variety of accommodation available in both Rijeka and in its vicinity..

The members of the jury:
Bojan Pogrmilović (Croatia) www.pogrmilovic.com
Branko Stark (Croatia) www.brankostark.com
Marco Ugalde (Mexico)
Milad Omranloo (Iran)

Preliminary schedule:
8:30-11:30 h Partcipants’ stage rehearsals
12:00-18:00 h Competition
18:30 h Concert
19:30 h Award giving ceremony and final Grand Prix competition
20:30 h Closing

The schedule is subject to change and will depend on the number of competing choirs.

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