Choral Competition and Festival

FESTIVAL (Sunday, October 2nd)

The choral festival is the second part of the whole CROATIA CANTAT event. Unlike the first part, which is competitive, the second part will give the choirs the chance to socialize, practice and sing together for one whole day. It consists of two parts  This is an effort to give the choirs and their directors the chance to experience new musical wonders and unique moments in great common singing.

Part one - learning and practice
Group practice including all choirs and creating interpretations of particular compositions with the members of the jury. The sheet music of these particular compositions will be available in due time on this website so the choirs can study them in time for the event.

Part two - concert
Every choir will sing a number of songs from their repertoire by themselves. Afterwards, all the choirs will collectively perform the pieces they studied, directed by the conductor they practised with.
All kinds of singing ensembles may participate, excluding children's choirs.

Festival schedule:

13:00 - 15:30 Rehearsal with the festval conductors
15:30 do 17:00 Break
17:00 Choral concert
19:00 Closing

The proposed schedule is subject to change and will depend on the number of participating choirs.

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